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Lighted Christmas Trees Available

These delightful decorations are fun to paint and gorgeous as gifts! Imagine your own custom creation, glowing for the holidays and lighting up your room or the room of someone dear to you! There are a variety of sizes available to suit any space. The trees are custom items, so you'll have to order in advance of your planned painting date. And remember to allow a approximately one week after painting for the tree to be glazed and fired.
7"        $55
9"        $75
13"       $105
16.5"    $160
Place your order in person or over the phone.

Height is measured at top of tree to the bottom of tree base, excluding star.
Price includes taxes, studio fee, light kit, and plastic lights and must be paid at time of order.
Trees are not made in-studio. Please anticipate approximately 3-4 weeks for trees to arrive from vendor.