Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does it cost?

A: The studio fee is $8/adult and $5/children under 18 and college students.    Pottery pieces range $8-over $40.  We have a variety of pieces to pick from including mugs, bowls, plates, serving pieces, banks, boxes, animal figurines and season items.


Q: What does the studio fee cover?

A: This fee covers paints, supplies and firing of your pottery.  You are charged a studio fee per painter not per piece of pottery.


Q: What does an average visit cost?

A:  On average visits cost: Child:$20    Teens and adults: $25-40


Q: Do I need a reservation?

A: Reservations are recommended no matter the size of group or day.  Please call 309.685.8906 to make reservations.

Walk-ins are accepted as table space allows.


Q:  Do you host birthday parties at your studio?

A:  Click here for birthday package information.


Q:  How long can I expect to spend at your studio?

A:  Most of our adult painters need 2-3 hours to complete a project.  Children painters generally take 1-2 hours.


Q:  May I bring snacks and drinks into the studio?

A:  Snacks or quick foods may be brought into the studio.  You may also bring in drinks.  Wine and beer are permitted.  Please remember to bring in all tableware, corkscrews, etc.


Q:  Can I take my pottery home the same day?

A:  No.  The paint requires a clear over glaze and must be fired in one of our three kilns.


Q:  What happens after I finish painting my piece?

A: Your pottery dries over night and then is dipped in a clear glaze.  After it is fully dipped and dried, the pieces are loaded into one of our three kilns.  They are fired to 1800 degrees.  This allows the paint/glaze to melt to a shinny, food safe finish.


Q:  After I am finished painting, when can I pick up my pottery?

A:  Your completed pottery is ready for pick up usually in one week. Due to the occasional increase in seasonal traffic, our pick-up date may change. Please contact us for the current pick up date.


Q:  Is the paint safe for my children to handle?

A:  All our glazes are lead free, food safe, and do not stain clothes.


Q: Is my pottery dishwasher safe?

A: We recommend that you hand wash your pottery. This will ensure a longer glaze life.


Q: Can I put my pottery in a microwave or oven?

A: We do not recommend that you use either.